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[Nettime-bold] rhizome kontra th!

>Well, thanks for the compliments.  I would have expected no less.
>Unfortunately in this case you don't know what you are talking about.
>It's a great "privilege" indeed to have maintained TT over years
>without outside support.  And it is also a "privilege" to work all 
>these extra hours to support other peoples' projects.
>But who cares...  go ahead and be happy in the Disney monoculture
>you are so activly assisting to create.  Or do you have any 
>better ideas?  I'd be really curious to know.  But somehow I think 
>I know your answer already...  it's going to be the same old 
>broken record.
>Too bad, because I sincerely appreciated your political stance
>in many instances, particularly during the Kosovo war when you
>put up links to some rare cogent commentary.  I just don't get it
>why you take this attitude towards us.  Was it your spat with Ted
>Byfield or what is it?  It's just unbelievable that you write
>on a platform like Rhizome (now who is "korporate" here?) 

rhizome dze l!zt = oke avec moi.

re: life forms who operate rhizome - eg. mark tribe + alex galloway - they are laughable + destitute. 
mais __... so are most artists.

you wish to destroy rhizome +?
experiencing problems +?

>and then
>hurl your shit over from THERE?

bah yourself monsieur giganto.
do you wish to `humanitarian assist` rhizome +?
experiencing problems +? you cannot +?

i can do that. in fact i'll just give you the money to render rhizome null + ultra null.
send me your \'s proposal.  

however you must know in advance - if i fund for 6 months or 1 year
i want you to sanitize that ridiculous amalgam of inkompetent marionetten.
i.e. throw out all the invalids + posers.

>Ok, be a nasty bitch... chacun a son gout.  

feeling impotent +?


1001 ventuze.nn

                                                  meeTz ver!f1kat!*n.
  Netochka Nezvanova    -  eksplod!ng galax!ez + !nflaz!onar! un!versez
                                                       |  +----------
                                                      |  |     <
                                     \\----------------+  |  n2t^P

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