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[Nettime-bold] Vuk's Venice Bienial PR

Net.art per me

Slovenian pavilion in this years Venice Biennale is hosting my ancient
net.art work and I have decided to mark the ocasion by staging a parallel
show and printing a book. This message is aimed at informing you about those

##### The Slovenian pavilion
In the space of gallery A+A (San Marco 3073, near Grassi) I will be showing
two of my best known net.art pieces: Documenta Done and History of Art for
the Airports. The choice of old stuff is meant to direct the focus on the
way of displaying net.art contents in a gallery environment. We still have
to see how this will work.
Slovenian pavilion is curated by Aurora Fonda, and she has also invited
0100101110101101.ORG and Tadej Pogacar.

##### Temporary Autonomous Pavilion
The parallel exhibition is happening in S. Maria del Soccorso (c/o Domus
Soccorso, Dorsoduro 2591, Fondamenta del Soccorso - near pzza. S. Margherita
and Zattere) which is a chappel out of service, like an abandoned gas
station or something.
I have invited Alexei Shoulgin, Heath Bunting, Jodi, RTMARK, Tom Jennings,
Vinylvideo and 0100101110101101.ORG. The show is about being together. Since
Venice is such a venerable ocasion mostly known works will be displayed.

##### Book
The hefty publication that accompanies these things will be ready just in
time for the opening. It is containing the following parts:
- Catalogue of the Temporary Autonomous Pavilion
- Reader on museology of net.art edited by Sarah Cook
- NKPVI - Network Komitee Protocols VI, the newest Nettime reader edited by
myself, Ted Byfield, Felix Stadler, Andrea and Scott.
We are working on distribution in UK and US right now... ask in a week.

##### Some URLs:
official site of the Slovenian pavillion, containing also the full text of
the Net.art per me book.

a page with pics of the Temp Pavilion I made while chosing the location.
There's a map there.

##### Small print
Of course, this whole thing was made possible by various institutions. A
rough list follows:
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Public Relations and Media
Office of Republic of Slovenia, European Community Interreg, Regione Veneto,
Stato Italiano, ESU - Cultura di Venezia, Tecnopolis...


#####  PS
If you really need to be in touch with me, call me at +386 41 706 207, I
doubt I will be reading much mail in Venice to be honnest.

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