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[Nettime-bold] CULT 2001 - Copenhagen, October 3-5, 2001 - ANNOUNCEMENT

CULT 2001

Exploring an interface between Cultural heritage, Net art and State of the art projects

Copenhagen, October 3-5, 2001 

New Culture and visions of collaborative culture

Old structural barriers have been transgressed on the cultural scene, due to the digital economy and the new media strategies. New creative models of collaboration emerge between institutions preserving cultural heritage, performing arts creating new expressions, and information technology providing tools of communication. 

The interface between Cultural Heritage, Net Art and State of the art projects is new. It is both innovative, challenging and a critical vehicle for issues concerning collaboration, communication and dissemination strategies in modern societies. 

CULT  2001

CULT 2001 wishes to establish a platform for discussions and reflections on these new visions of collaboration and dissemination strategies. Central keynote speakers from major cultural institutions, as well as international net artists and computer scientists will provide the basis for this platform.

A central experience of this conference will be the manifestation of national and international cultural networks, and national CultureNets that brings together institutions dealing with Cultural Heritage, Net Art and State of the Art technology. 

CULT 2001 offers an opportunity to reflect on this cultural interface. This opportunity is aimed widely at international cultural institutions, organisations for technology and the visual arts, web oriented artists and curators, as well as already existing national CultureNets. 

We invite artists, theorists, the cultural sector, festival organisers and new media industry people to meet, discuss and reunite within the framework set by international keynote speakers. There will be plenty of opportunities to reflect further on the future of this new cultural interface in parallel sessions and social events during these two days in Copenhagen. 

Contact: culturenet-denmark@www.kulturnet.dk


CultureNet Denmark, organiser of CULT 2001, has since 1997 gained a unique experience being a web based platform for various cultural institutions and expressions. These include traditional state cultural institutions, independent net artists, international cultural networks and market based technology. CultureNet Denmark participates in the development and implementation of national IT visions on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Culture. 

Programme and registration will soon be available at: http://www.kulturnet.dk

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