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[Nettime-bold] Agenda juni 2001

From: "Jaap" <>
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Subject: [ASCII] Agenda juni 2001

ASCII Agenda June 2001

Tuesday june 5 : Introduction in C
  The mother of all programming languages: C. Most modern program languages
  use C as the basis for their syntax. It's a very powerfull language,
  in which small programs can be quite usefull. Some people refuse to use
  anything else. Today on of them will tell you why. (no specific knowledge
Tuesday june 12: Introduction in Python
  Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language.
  An introduction. (no specific knowledge required).
Tuesday june 19: Video-input and editing on Linux
  Linux is mainly popular for it's strong server-applications. But how
  is it on typical desktop-utilities like capturing and editing video?
  In this workshop, we'll explore Video4Linux. (Some basic knowledge about
  Linux is required).
Tuesday june 26: Indymedia software review
  Activists are working on a dutch version of
  Indymedia uses it's own content management system, written especially for
  handling lots of  information sources from anywhere. In this workshop
  review how this system is build.

All workshops start at 19:30, free entrance.

Computer Hardware 4 girls:
  June 6, 13 and 27, 19:30-22:00
  Price: fl. 50,- (including reader en screwdriver)
  Language: english
  Subscription: mail to
  Have you never opened a computer before? Are you tired of having a boy
  telling you what to do? Do you prefer being in a computerclass with women
  only? On June 6 starts the course "Computer Hardware 4 Girls". The Girls
  at Ascii will teach you the basics of computer hardware and how to look
  for answers.

Also in ASCII:

Sunday Afternoon, june 3: Live Jazz
  Maurice Horsthuis - altviolin
  Jorrit Dijkstra - altsax, elektronics

Sunday Afternoon, june 10: Live Jazz
  Evan Franco - drumcomputer, samples, elektronics
  Jorrit Dijkstra - lyricon, elektronics

Tuesday june 14: Mumia Support Group Amsterdam
  Video and discussion. Starts: 19:30

Sunday Afternoon, june 17: Live Jazz

Every frinday 18:00-19:00h:
  live radio newshour from ascii, listen on
  or in Amsterdam on 99.3 FM.

Find out more about our events on

ASCII is open daily from 14:00 to 19:00h.

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