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Anonymous on Sat Apr 21 00:08:53 2001

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<TITLE>Pandaemonium Arts Online Emerging Technologies Commissions</TITLE>
<TT>PRIVATE VIEW: &nbsp;from 5.00pm Thursday 1 March 2001, 52 Hoxton Square=
, London N1<BR>
k10k.net <BR>
</H5><B>Eline McGeorge<BR>
Ellen Pronk<BR>
Enquiries: 07968 141 152<BR>
<FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF"><U>lina {AT} noaltgirls.org<BR>
</H5>52 Hoxton Square, 12.00 =AD 7.00, 2 =AD 9 March<BR>
Pandaemonium and the Arts Council of England Arts Online proudly present fo=
ur artist commissions in the area of technology and the moving image. &nbsp;=
The exhibition features work by hi-res! (<FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF"><U>http://www=
.hi-res.net</U></FONT>), k10k.net (<FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF"><U>http://www.k10k.=
net</U></FONT>), Eline McGeorge and the festival Online Diary by Ellen Pronk=
 (<FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF"><U>http://www.lfs.nl</U></FONT>).<BR>
Additional digital media events include:<BR>
</H5>Saturday - Sunday &nbsp;3/4 March 2001, 2pm start<BR>
Shoreditch Town Hall<BR>
A two day conference exploring the nature of collaborative working practice=
s, current distribution initiatives for moving image work and relationships =
between art and commerce.<BR>
Speakers include Inventory, hi- res!, Tech_nicks, Consume.net, Valerie Teve=
re, Rachel Baker, Carey Young, Heath Bunting, Paper Tiger, Deep Dish TV, Abi=
na Manning (Video Data Bank Chicago), John Thomson (Electronic Arts Intermix=
 New York), SexyMachinery Magazine and others.<BR>
<B>LAUNCH OF &nbsp;www.interference.tv<BR>
<FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF"><U>http://www.interference.tv<BR>
Interference.tv is the brand new online component of Interference. The site=
 contains exclusive interviews with artists, online projects as well as an a=
n archive of all Interference events including sound and video clips, perfor=
mances, interviews and articles. Interference.tv features artists as diverse=
 as Kaffe Matthews, Thomas Koner, Scanner, Add N To X, Kumo, Beduin Ascent, =
The Scratch Perverts, Matt Black (Coldcut), David Toop, Pluramon and many mo=
re. <BR>
is an open competition for innovation and experimentation in Flash animatio=
Shocked sound, disturbing vectors, random animated weirdness...FLASHLIGHTS =
is an open competition for innovation and experimentation in flash animation=
, presented at the Lux Cinema and incorporating the I-D Media Flash Prize.<B=