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Anonymous on Sat Apr 21 00:08:52 2001

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No Subject

There are different and similar desired outcomes in revolutionary action.
 Different contexts.
Whose revolution? For whom? How? Emanating from where?
Is sorrow being expressed at May '68's  failure?
And what if it had continued to
succeed, would the narrow focus of historic Marxism, for example,
towards the bodies of women be part of the new program? There is a reason-
situationist activity -  for political philosophies - not as catalysts for
perhaps, but for what is to follow when we have all revolted successfully.

 I have one other observation...Cultural Studies is parallel to
the history of, say, affirmative action in the US...orto  the notion that
the academy
as an idea needed to be less exclusive, a social program of equalization
in a white male-dominated world. The impact on culture by the social
program"affirmative action" (quotas of minorities and women in
institutional life) which has contributed *since the sixties* to programs
and  theory and new courses/grants/support for the idea of cultural studies
and  *political difference*...(perhaps rendering such culture also popular
in other countries) has radically altered our western cultural idea of
knowledge-production to the extreme betterment of us
all...forever...history no longer a monotlithic province of men and male
ideas and whites and white-biased ideas, or even heterosexual ideas but as
sets of diverse ideas, actions, events...leading us somewhere...

If folks want to co-opt Guy Debord they will. It's post-modern media cutlure.
People will do anything for a dollar. It doesn't really devalue Guy Debord.
Come on...?


ps. misspelling of the word 'monstrous'
as 'monsterous' - it's comical!

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