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[Nettime-bold] Mikrokino FEST started
Aleksandar Gubas on 21 Feb 2001 12:37:19 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Mikrokino FEST started


Announced for January 26 and then postponed to February 19, Mikrokino
FEST 2001 successfully started in Belgrade. This is the first
international short film festival in Yugoslavia ever, and is organized
by LOW-FI VIDEO, a group of independent filmmakers and promoters from
After an international call for entries, posted last fall to various
mailing lists, 80 out of 133 short films arrived were selected to be
shown at the Mikrokino FEST 2001. The screening schedule can be found
This festival has its own e-bulletin in Serbian language, distributed
via LOW-FI VIDEO mailing list, which has 340 members - wired Yugoslav
fans of short and independent film. Mikrokino FEST 2001 is very
important as a regional model: this is a festival with off-line oriented
screening policy, and at the same time it tries to use on-line
promotional possibilities to the fullest.
Each evening more than 250 visitors swarm in the Student Cultural Centre
in Belgrade, trying to find some free seat for watching short films from
all over the world. The audience's favourites for the first day of
screening were:
- A SHORT FILM ABOUT A BOY (NA DEN' STARSHE) by Nurbek Egen from Russia,
- MR MR by Nenad Mikalacki from the Bucharest Film School (Romania),
- all films from the MediaStorm Productions (Australia),
- MYTHS-PHARAOH by Sergei Ovcharov from Russia,
- LINT PEOPLE by Helder K. Sun from the USA,
- IN/DIVIDU by Nicole Hewitt from Croatia,
- Canadian video art made by the group Perte de Signal from Montreal.
The next day the audience most warmly greeted:
- EXTREMISM BREAKS MY BALL by Nicolas Debot from Sweden,
- NOIRISTICAL: ANEXACTETUDE IN NOIR by Andy Birtwistle from the UK
(which had its world festival premiere at the Mikrokino FEST 2001),
- RIDING THE TIGER by John Haptas and Kristine Samuelson from the USA,
- SHOES: A USER'S GUIDE by Giles Ben Burton from the UK,
- WRESTLING WITH A BEE (AMPAISPAINI) by Meritta Koivisto from Finland,
- the Danish video art selected by The Danish Video Art Data Bank.
The festival has various additional programmes, including special CD-ROM
presentations. Very well covered by the local media, Mikrokino FEST 2001
is a true celebration of short film in the middle of the Balkans.
For any additional info you may write to:
mikrokino {AT} yahoo.com

Aleksandar Gubas
Mikrokino FEST 2001, Belgrade

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