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kadian antal on 17 Feb 2001 19:08:00 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] subsol webzine

Apologies for cross postings 

subsol http://subsol.c3.hu  (now in flash and

subsol is a collaborative webzine venture stemming out
of several dissatisfactions-with an intellectual
discourse that has become increasingly stupid,
sterile, and academic, with art as a series of
mediations by institutions, curators, and theoretical
frameworks often foreign to actual practices, and with
the cultural politics and political culture of an easy
epoch. As a matter of principle, all zine
contributions are from artists, organizers of
independent spaces, and those involved at the point of
production--and not from art critics. Although many of
the occidental names that appear here may already be
known, especially among a net community that is, after
all, not that global, one of the aims of subsol is
providing a forum for the emergence of unheard texts
and unseen works from the territory of what was once
called, not without ideological prejudice, "Eastern"
Europe.  (check out monadology)

First issue is now online: Art Beneath the Edge of

Today, everything is political, most of all the idea
of the post-political. But not everything is political
in the same measure. The historical catastrophe of the
avant-gardes was that in taking themselves seriously
as political vehicles-producing manifestoes, holding
congresses, operating as closed entities preserving
doctrinal purity--they became the bureaucratic doubles
of the system they sought to challenge. Art is
political when it is politics by other means, made in
strange tongues and foreign gestures, and when it is
reducible to the functional equivalent of a concept. 
(go to 1, zero and infinity are not yet virtual)

0100101110101101.org (Italy) 
Kadian Antal (Romania/US) 
association Apsolutno (FR Yugoslavia)
autonome a.f.r.i.k.a. (Germany) 
Luther Blissett (Italy) 
Natalie Bookchin & Alexei Shulgin (US/Russia) 
Luchezar Boyadjiev (Bugaria) 
Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz
Candida TV (Italy)
C.U.K.T. (Poland)
Calin Dan (Netherlands/Romania)
Francesca da Rimini (Australia) 
Ricardo Dominguez (US) 
Miklos Erhardt & Duna Maver (Hungary/US) 
Fiambrera (Spain) 
Javor Gardev (Bulgaria) 
Igor Grubic (Croatia)
Marina Grzinic (Slovenia)
Alexander Ilic, Ivana Keser, Tomislav Gotovac
Fran Ilich & Luis Humbrero Rosales (Mexico) 
The Institute (Romania) 
IRWIN & Eda Cufer (Slovenia) 
Geert Lovink (Australia/Netherlands)
Lyyying Community (Poland) 
Maxumim (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Boris Ondreicka (Slovakia)
Anatoly Osmolovsky (Russia) 
Dan Perjovschi (Romania)
Pode Bal (Czech Republic)
RTMark (US) 
Hanno Soans (Estonia) 
Janos Sugar (Hungary) 
Technologies to the People (Spain)
Vakuum TV (Hungary)
Faith Wilding & CAE (US)
Martin Zet (Czech Republic)

See you in other worlds?

kadianantal {AT} yahoo.com
subsolians {AT} yahoo.com
subsol2001 {AT} yahoo.com

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