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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Strategic Spam
d|g on 15 Feb 2001 08:10:57 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Strategic Spam

-----> James.Ryan {AT} telemedianetworks.com wrote:

>Just as we accept commercial messages every fifteen minutes when watching
>our favorite television programs, why not take the good spam with the bad?
>The big question is, how do we convince people that accepting the "good
>spam" with the "bad" is a means to a truly accessible low-cost
>distribution medium, the Internet equivalent of public access channels...

While i too share the urge to SPAM the world with ideas and/or news of 
the latest web site i've created or amazing meme i just thought up - for 
purely altruistic reasons of course - I don't - the reason why is that to 
put it simply - some people find the stuff i care about as interesting as 
paint drying - globalisation concerns? the environment? social justice? 
boooring theyd say - in fact this is me a few years ago - now i care more 
about this stuff - but i hate SPAM - i dont need my dick to grow another 
5 inches thanks very much - and these emails piss me off (especially when 
i'm accessing my mail via mobile phone links or slow modems) about as 
much as mine would piss off others who care about...well whatever really. 

So - to judge these people - in my oppinion is unwarranted - and 
uneccesarry - they are - for whatever reason not interested in my message 
- it could be that jesus just dropped over for a cup of tea and that the 
Christian's are right - and would i mind telling the world - but there 
are a large number of people - who probably dont want to know this - or 
even care to know this - and me assuming my righteous cause is their 
cause is  simply wrong.

So - while we make the value judgement that SPAM is commercial only and 
that GOOD CAUSES arent SPAM - others don't.  Good cause or not - 
unsolicited emails annoy - and upset people. Now if we all got into this 
method of pushing our message out into the world - i think the hundreds 
of good causes a day I'd get would grate on me too - i'd probably start 
filtering my mail looking for words like "SAVE the PLANET" and so on.

So - hold your guns my fellow do-gooders - a great meme will get out and 
spread of itself - i'm sure theres been some posts about memes and their 
self replication techniques on this list before - if not i heard "The 
Meme machine" is a good read on the topic.

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