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[Nettime-bold] announcement: april april+
aries on 8 Feb 2001 03:28:04 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] announcement: april april+

a p r i l
            in parking meters
april in parking meters und if... present music+
friday, 09.02.01, 20.00



"april" is a project by andreas reihse, a pop-musician from cologne with various musical
identities and passions. these include membership in the techno project "binford" and the pop
band "kreidler". 
he releases his solo works on italic under the name "april." "if..." is his debut 12"

"if it doesn't happen naturally (don't leave it)" on side a with its bright house piano and pop
quotations turns dancefloors into catwalks: euphoric, decadent and dreamy.
"the if-girl", the first song on side b, is a duet with "april" and düsseldorf artist, thea
djordjadze. the second track on side b, "if - the tube edit", is pure pop amour. very italic

italic is a flamboyant dancelabel from cologne. founded out of love for pop in 1999.

the exhibition "feeler" of mark bain continues until 03.08.01. 
april in parking meters
weidengasse 24-26, 50668 köln
openingtimes: fri – thur 17.00 – 21.00 uhr, sa 15.00 – 19.00 uhr
contact: apirl-in-parkingmeters {AT} gmx.de
tel. anja dorn 0221 3100239, alice koegel 0221 2409080

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