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[Nettime-bold] nato for molecules
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[Nettime-bold] nato for molecules

>massive qdtext saturation experiments
>total 36 mb 

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From: Matt Biederman <mbiederman {AT} sfmoma.org>
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Subject: nato for valentine's
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 10:47:28 -0800 
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please note: a nato operator will go head to head, toe to toe with some of
the "classics" of "avant-garde" "cinema".

stop in and say hello.


Wednesday February 14, 7-9pm

2nd Wednesday "Behind the Screen: Avant-Garde Cinema from the Early 20th
Century to the Early 21st Century,"   We'll also be celebrating our new
exhibition, Behind the Screen: Making Motion Pictures and Television on loan
from the American Museum of the Moving Image.  

Among the featured artists:
STATIC ROOM by Scott Arford
Crackling static video is manipulated live alternating with darkness and
lush sounds.  The video itself consists of a series of clips made from TV
static, bad connections, and other mistakes and inaccuracies.

Early Avant-Garde Cinema juxtaposed with new digital Avant-Garde.  
Live Sound Track by Artist Richard Koldewyn on piano and digital work by
Mathew Biederman with sound artist DJ SpazeCrafteOne.

Films include Le Retour A La Raison (1923) and Emak-Bakia (1927) by Man Ray,
Ghosts Before Breakfast (1928) by Han Richter, Entre'Acte (1924) by Rene
Clair, and Anemic Cinema (1926) by Marcel Duchamp.

PENDULUM II by TEST,  a collaborative arts group dedicated to using
projection in
performance and installation. Artists Gregory Cowley, Scott Arford, and
Kaveh Soofi present "A clockwork sculpture of projections making use of
cyclical imagery and sound suspended in space."

Sometimes, the edge of a picture is more interesting than the middle.  The
video streamer tips video on its side to reveal flowing images of time. 

Local filmmaker Aaron Ross will present his 3D film, "Cruise the Circuit."
Cruise the Circuit is an abstract computer animation which directly
translates music into moving visual art. It is presented in full color
stereoscopic 3D using wireless electronic glasses.

GHOSTSTAIRS by John 'B' Berzins, a layered video composition.  From the
outside, you see the ghosts. Walk through and look back: you become a ghost.

Lightning House by Mary Tsiongas, Untitled by Michael Rudnick

Bar provided by Blavod (BLACK VODKA), Food catered by CAFE ACRE.  

This Event is free with Museum Admission.  The Exploratorium is located
inside the Palace of Fine Arts in
San Francisco's Marina District.  

For information, call (415) EXP-LORE.


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


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