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[Nettime-bold] Bardcode {AT} Artcontext

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Bardcode translates the work of the Bard, 
adapting it to the concerns of the 21st century,
when literature itself is expendable and 
computer languages are omnipotent.  Barcode 
welcomes you to the new world of language 
fortification.  The lesser known Shakespearean 
tradition of cryptography ushers in a radical 
new economy of speech.  Freedom of speech 
becomes freedom from speech!  Oration is 

Bardcode offers cool exclusive technologies 
like Bardband communication.  It unleashes
the potential of unlimited terms, post-literacy
interfacing (PLI), and eliminates the danger of 
fair use (FU). Plus, you get the post-tertiary 
Act IV Bard service pack, which enables Bard-
drive optimization, free with your resigned 
submission to a variety of other Bardware 
products. Tune in to the Bardcast today at:


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