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[Nettime-bold] without papers in europe
florian schneider on 5 Feb 2001 19:41:18 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] without papers in europe

[some months a go the booklet "without papers in europe"
appeared in german. we're glad to announce that the 
english translation is now online... /fls]


This book deals with the situation of illegalized refugees
and migrants. It is concerned with the circumstances
surrounding their entry and residence, attempts at
self-organization, and support projects. Our aim is to
provide information on the predicament of "illegals" in
different countries, as well as to compare the measures
taken throughout the EU to come to terms with the problem.
We believe that awareness of the systematic deprivation of
rights suffered by refugees and migrants, and knowledge of
their resistance and struggles, as well as the initiatives
launched by anti-racist groups, is indispensable for all who
respond to the "Fortress of Europe" with the cry, "Open
frontiers for all!"

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