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[Nettime-bold] Re: [Genius2000Conference2000] Bjork
Terrence Kosick on 4 Feb 2001 21:16:54 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: [Genius2000Conference2000] Bjork

Terrence writes;

Distribute a petition listing  points of Ross's abuses of his position and I'll
sign it.

nmherman {AT} aol.com wrote:

> To me Ross is not a "person" with emotions and sensitivities and cute
> interesting touches.  He's a manager of an institution.  In fact, the whole
> "don't get personal" argument is frighteningly weak.  I reject it.  If I
> recall you got personal a few times regarding your being kicked off various
> lists.
> It's always called personal when someone gets busted.  That's bullshit.  Quit
> warning me anyway, what the fuck is that?

Rephrase that for all the ass kissers before they; looking at you with shock and
disbelife, begin wiping their lips.

> As for accountable, Sherman won his laurels as convincing arts budget manager
> in the good old Canadian art world.  McLuhan wasn't able to rein in US
> expansion or its worser tendencies, and neither was Sherman.  In fact he
> makes a bad situation worse, though I admit he works in the US now.

The ons's I met here are snobs and are modeled on the english system of
autocratic rule. Take all canadian art wit a grain of sand. Many of aur best
artists have commited suicide or are in prison.

> But my point of view is unusual considering Reagan took over this nation when
> I was 11 years old and has spread depleted uranium all over ever since, and I
> make it my personal obligation as a resident of this country to bring him and
> Scalia to justice.  If that means destroying every art-managerial career in
> the economy I'll do it in a hot second.

may the gods speed you oh Perseus.


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