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Nmherman on 4 Feb 2001 20:27:16 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Bjork

In a message dated 2/4/2001 12:09:20 AM Central Standard Time, 
kosick {AT} sprint.ca writes:

> I don't get your point of personal attack either max. 

Kind of my point is that you can't criticize public institutions without 
criticizing the individuals who nominally run them in the name of truth 
freedom beauty etc.  David Ross is a culpable public manager, not a friendly 
guy bopping along.  Same with Bush.  There was nothing "personal" about my 
remarks about Ross.  I was speaking as a public citizen regarding public art 
policy.  If David Ross signs the decree, he's accountable.  It's lax on my 
part to criticize generalities and not specific acts that can be recorded, 
verified, assessed, etc.  

Take the example of politics.  What if I say that Oliver North is a 
disreputable person working for a disreputable institution, as I said of 
Ross?  Is that "personal"?  No, North is a public employee, a paid soldier, 
paid to obey the rules of Congress, and because of his amicable zeal my tax 
dollar paid to deal drugs for death squads.  So it's not personal anymore, 
it's a public situation with Oliver North's name on it and my name too.  
Reagan pardoned Weinberger or else the shit would have stuck to them all.  
The US would have had two consecutive impeachments of Republican presidents, 
spanning ten years of illegal war on the enemies of rich people.

To me Ross is not a "person" with emotions and sensitivities and cute 
interesting touches.  He's a manager of an institution.  In fact, the whole 
"don't get personal" argument is frighteningly weak.  I reject it.  If I 
recall you got personal a few times regarding your being kicked off various 

I plan to get personal with Jesse Ventura.  My belief is that as governor of 
my state, he owes it to me to use his abilities to the fullest to protect the 
interests of Minnesotans.  While he argues his right to work on the side, I 
plan to sue for access to his gubernatorial power, both legislative and 
cultural.  I wish to hold him to account for the the acceptance of George 
Bush.  Hurting Mr. Ventura emotionally isn't my source of pleasure in life, 
but he's got to be accountable, I don't care how bad he looks in front of his 
uncle and Grandma.

It's always called personal when someone gets busted.  That's bullshit.  Quit 
warning me anyway, what the fuck is that?  

As for accountable, Sherman won his laurels as convincing arts budget manager 
in the good old Canadian art world.  McLuhan wasn't able to rein in US 
expansion or its worser tendencies, and neither was Sherman.  In fact he 
makes a bad situation worse, though I admit he works in the US now.  

It'll hurt you more 
> than
>  the ones you go after. 

I'm not particularly worried about getting hurt.  I find myself to be very 
durable in fact!  A pleasant case of good fortune.

I am willing to be on this list long enough to see if
>  there is hope to see you and genius go the full limit. 

Me too.

You've said how you'
> ve
>  felt about several people and their abuses now its time to move on to 
> success.

Like David Ross, Steve Dietz, Oliver North, and George Bush?  Now I'll settle 
for a minor art career somewhere.  No, Genius 2000 toothpaste, if ever sold, 
must be manufactured in accord with Green Economics and human peace.  It may 
cost $8 a tube but the kids whose parents make it are no longer human refuse. 
 They get opportunities like I got.  People who get in the way get 
embarrassed and publicly observed.  The old civil rights strategy was to make 
the bigots club you on TV.  Worked pretty good.  Gandhi too.  

But my point of view is unusual considering Reagan took over this nation when 
I was 11 years old and has spread depleted uranium all over ever since, and I 
make it my personal obligation as a resident of this country to bring him and 
Scalia to justice.  If that means destroying every art-managerial career in 
the economy I'll do it in a hot second.  

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Coming soon :  the GFL, best in non-corporate athletic coverage

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