brian carroll on 29 Jul 2000 22:32:07 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] searching nettime archives

 hi, i was trying to search the
 nettime archives for a recent
 (7/17/2000) post and i came up
 with nothing. i searched by
 'subject', 'author', and then
 tried by 'date', and got zero
 results. is the 2000 archive
 somehow not accessible yet to
 the search engine? also, i tried
 searching before for 'interviews'
 and 'architect' and also came up
 with nothing, which seemed very
 odd to me. for example, here is
 the search result for 'architect'
 (in a 5 year archive???)

Result for query 'architect'

Summary for query "architect":
Found 0 matches in 0 files.

 something seems amiss to me.
 i wanted to catalogue all the
 architectural interviews that
 have been on the list on my
 architectural research/theory
 site, but it will be impossible
 to find them without a search
 engine and accurate results.
 if you have any ideas as to
 how i could find these texts,
 please let me know. thanks.
 brian carroll

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