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[Nettime-bold] Bush Camp Lauches New and Improved Web Site


I foreward you an email from Lisa Jones, list member of lampofhope

(US-anti death penalty campaign group, 
support group for death row inmates)


Lisa Jones wrote:

> Okay I see The gOdvernor of Death has a new website...
> 19.html
> Bush Camp Lauches New and Improved Web Site
> Republican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. George W. Bush launched
> a newly redesigned Web site, July 19. (
> July 19  The presidential campaign of Texas Gov. George W. Bush
> is
> launching a total redesign of its Web site today, and aides insist
> that it's not a "typical Web site."
> The campaign plans to air a new TV ad devoted entirely to the new Web
> site, something Bush aides say is a political first. The 30-second
> spot uses MTV-style music, tilted camera shots and a clip of Bush
> declaring his presidential candidacy.
> "While many political advertisements mention or display a
> candidate's
> Web site as an afterthought  this ad's primary purpose is to
> drive
> voters to the Web site," said a statement from the campaign. The
> ad
> will air in San Francisco and New York City on Friday only.
> `My George W.'
> The Bush campaign is trying to personalize the new site with a
> feature it calls "My George W." Web surfers can create a
> personal
> profile and receive daily e-mail updates on the issues they care
> about most. The feature also allows them to download campaign-related
> screensavers and wallpaper for their personal computers.
> The new site is also dedicated to shoring up grassroots support.
> Internet-savvy supporters can print out Web-exclusive yard signs,
> brochures and posters for local distribution. Community volunteers
> and activists can also log on for weekly action updates  a
> listing
> of local campaign activities and events.
> Another major feature of the site is "Live Online"  live
> and
> archived radio interviews with Bush bandwagon "headliners."
> The
> campaign is promising live audio-casts twice a week. The first guest
> will be George P. Bush  the governor's 24-year-old nephew
> who is
> currently on a convention countdown tour.
> Motivations Attacked
> Aides to Bush's Democratic rival, Vice President Al Gore, said
> the
> site was overhauled because the old design "failed two
> independent
> tests for access to people with disabilities." One Web test, said
> a
> statement released by the campaign, concluded that the original site
> failed to meet the needs of the disabled in 12 separate instances.
> "George W. Bush is reinventing his Web site today as he's
> reinvented
> himself throughout the campaign," said Gore spokesman Dagoberto
> Vega.
> But Bush denied the accusation as he unveiled the Web site in Austin,
> Texas this afternoon. "It's the only thing in our campaign
> we're
> constantly reinventing," he said.
> He also joked that a new qualification for his running mate would
> be "whether they have a good Web page."
> ABCNEWS' John Berman and The Associated Press contributed to this
> report.
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