fran ilich on 26 Jul 2000 19:53:53 -0000

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Re: [Nettime-bold] Spanish alternative lists


as far as i know i could recommend you:

grupo de noticias en castellano sobre cibercultura

#cybercultura   #mundo  #tekno #vida urbana  #suburbia  #ciencia
#futuro #activismo #media   #caos  #filosofia
La lista del primer festival internacional de cyber-cultura en

or you could wait for the nettime latino list, which is already being
developed by a few nettimers who speak as a native tongue either spanish or
portuguese. this list is being developed by david casacuberta (barcelona),
ricardo dominguez (new york), fran ilich (mexico) and ana viseu
(toronto-lisboa). this list is almost ready to be launched, we have been
compiling emails of artists, activists, hackers, curators, organizations,
etc, who should be invited.  there was a proposal to launch the mailing list
in the mx-usa borderhack happening in tijuana september 1-3, but it seems
that we wont be able to come.

so now we will be able to experience the esence of nettime in spanish and
nos vemos en el futuro.

editor sputnik bits.
co-editor sputnik atomos.

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