Sean Healy on 26 Jul 2000 03:17:35 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] OZ arts & media festivals

Greets from sunny Newcastle Australia,
where winter isn't quite what it is supposed to be.

We're about 3 hours north of where the Olympic spectacle will unfold,
( see btw ) and in early October we'll be
having a whole bunch of festivals in Newcaslte that draw together some
of the most interesting and active mediamakers, artists, techheads and
writers from around our spacious isle.

Here's a bunch of urls,
most of which contain mailing lists
you'd be welcome to join.

feedback / collaborations / interviews etc welcome :-)


Electrofringe Oct 5-9

The National Young Writer's Festival Oct 5-9

National Independent Electronic Label Conference Oct 5-7

The Australian Student Media Conference Oct 5-7
National Radio Conference Oct 5-7

& we're in discussions about getting some collaboration happening with
Net.Congestion in Amsterdam,
that International festival of Streaming Media
you've probably heard about by now?

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