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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Terror in Tune Town


> There are grey areas.  Used CDs, for example...only the retailer and the
> end-user benefits from that, and it does represent lost sales for the record
> companies and artists.  But there is the critical difference in that there

Whats "grey" there ? Perfectly legal.

> is only ONE copy...the person who originally owned the CD no longer has
> access to the music.  it's a one-to-one transaction.  You can't say the same
> for a song you make available via Napster...if ten people download your Cibo
> Matto album, that's eleven copies in existence.  Yours, and theirs.  And

Yes, but it would be the same with private copying, which is legal. The
fact that the copies are made via the net changes nothing.

> while many people may eventually buy the album and compensate the artist,
> many will be content to just play it back through their
> computer/stereo/CD-ROM/MP3 player.  That's theft.

Thats less money for the record industry, as it has ever been, provided
people buy less.

But I dont like the role of napster and I dont like the idea of sharing
private copies amongst people who have no other interest for each other
than the music. Thats different in "real live". 


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