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[Nettime-bold] "The global 500" continues...

In a way of course a statement like "We believe in being the best
employer, recognizing our employees as our greatest asset, preparing
them to be the best, expecting the best from them...”, in a way this is
part of traditional kinds of ways that large companies are always
marketing themselves, in terms of both recruiting people as well as
general corporate public relations that show that they believe in
excellence. The term "being the best” - especially in the US - is
everybody’s code-word. Everybody wants to be excellent, you must pursue
excellence and the best business is of course competitive. Because in
this world of uncertainty and technical complexity you want to keep and
find very good people. 
And in that sense it is a surprise, it is not in the old-fashioned sense
false statements, they are not ideological distortions. 
They are generally representing not just an image - as we used to say
"this is the image of the company” - but it is also a strategy that it
is a way of telling people to come to us, and "you will be the best”.
(Arjun Appadurai in the video: "The global 500”, 76 min., 1999)

"The global 500” is a travelling show about economic globalization and
transnational companies and is realized in the following exhibitions: 

"What, How and for Whom”
HDLU - Croatian Association of Artists 
Trg hrvatskih velikana bb
HR – 10 000 Zagreb 
June 16 – July 10, 2000

Centre Brussels 2000, floor 4A,B & 5A, Rue de l’Ecuyer 50
B – 1000 Brussels
June 30 – July 30, 2000

"The global 500” has already been realized in Galerie Stadtpark, Krems
(A), W139, Amsterdam (NL), O.K - Center for Contemporary Art, Linz (A)
and Truck – Centre for Contemporary Art, Calgary (CAN). 

publication: Oliver Ressler: "The global 500”, Edition Selene, 112 p.,
German/Engl., ISBN: 3-85266-108-0

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