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Dear Internet Users,

How would you like to find almost anything on the Internet? 

* Sometimes it's so frustrating to find anything from the search engines.
* Find places and things you never new existed!  
* Everything is in categories and in an easy to use index form.
* No pornography or casino is in this research guide.
* Specifically designed for all genders and ages.  
* Extensive and reliable sources of information.
* 5 years into the making.
* Down below is a small sample:

>answering service
>free email
>free websites
>goverment sites
>isp list
>magazines (children-women-men)
>search engines
>telephone directories
>web sites design
>and more

*  The " Internet Resource " regular price is $29.95. If you respond before 6-23-00 it's only $19.95. Shipping and handling is included.
*  Simply call 1-480-990-4463 to receive your copy today!  We offer 30-day money back guarantee. 
*  Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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