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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Fwd: Letter to Thomas Klestil

> >I hate this shit, but this is very typical austria, not Haider !!
> How sad for you. I couldn't give a flying fuck whether you hae it or not. I 

Seems to be a misunderstanding, but, if I think again...

> didn't write write it, nor did anyone in Austria. If you look at who did, 
> you will see a list of US professors mostly.

How wise they are..

Defamation is austrias most popular thing, and so are the cases. This was
all, what I wanted to say, its not an invention of Haider.

Its not *his* habit, its the style of this country. 

> > >     particularly worried, to learn that Haider had brought yet another 
> > lawsuit
> > >     for an alleged defamation of character: this is his right, and has 
> > become
> > >     his habit. What we do consider extremely troubling is the 
> > willingness of
> >
> >And the outcome of this particular case is just the opposite side of this
> >very special european sensibility in nazi things. Including germany and
> >france. Every word counts...
> What's that supposed to mean - "every word counts"? What is "the opposite 
> side of this sensibility" ? 

Sorry for my poor english. But if you live in a contry full with
paragraphs, where you are allowed to say this and that, you can say thats
the other side of the coin, that it is a big insult not to choose the
right words, as in this case. Or do you think the judges in austria are
unfair etc ?

> Insensibility? Frankly, can you blame people 
> for being especially sensible to totalitarian regimes in Europe? Do you 
> think totalitarianism's all over and done with there?

Well, this is the beginning of the whole austria discussion again. Haider
isnt a totalitarian politician. Its not a question of liking him or not,
he simply isnt such a devil...if you stay in reality.

Anyway, best wishes from grey europe to black and white australia etc,


> >Heiko
> Phil

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