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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> The Ideology of Immateriality

Dear Neocon,

Where do you live? What neighborhood do you traverse? How often does a man
ask you for spare change or the opportunity to wipe your window clean for a
small fee? In the town for which my visual history is that of fifteen years
or longer I've seen the numbers increase dramatically. The hours required
for my own middle class subsistence have increase to the point of antagonism
and nihilism....and my middle class dollars and the cash required to
purchase a home and maintain that home diminish relative to the increased
greed that is relative to "one of the greatest booms in historry with an
enormous creation on non-inflationary wealth".

I broke down and bought a watch tonight. No art is created in joy any

Sphincter boy says what.


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> Subject: Re: <nettime> The Ideology of Immateriality
> From:  Tom Gray@MITEL on 06/12/2000 03:47 PM
> There have been many claims that the new economy is producing only 'McJobs.'
> However is there any evidence of this. We are experiencing one of the greatest
> booms in historry with an enormous creation on non-inflationary wealth with
> major increases in employment and income. What evidence is there that this is
> marked only by a large incease in the number of minimum wage jobs? The
> evidence
> all points the other way.
> Felix Stalder <> on 06/11/2000 02:59:18 PM
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> Subject:  <nettime> The Ideology of Immateriality
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