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Dear friends,
OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
is going to organise a international meeting on the topics
Enhancing the competitiveness of Small Medium Enterprise in the global

The Conference will take place in Bologna on june 14th, 15th.

During the last three months, a large movement has begun to meet in Bologna.
Workers, unemployed, researchers, social workers, militants have discussed
the topics of the conference, and created a network NOOCSEContropiani
(see: www.contropiani2000.org)

NOOCSEContropiani calls to action all the persons who feel outraged by the
arrogance of antidemocratic organizations (like WTO, FMI, OECD).
We do not dislike globalization. We dislike very much the fact that the
potency of global technologies is subdued to narrow ecoomic interests, and
is used as a mean of exploitation.

The NOOCSEContropiani will demonstrate in the streets of Bologna during the
OCSE meeting, and will work on a Bologna Counter Chart whose guidelines
will be the following:

Minimum worldwide wages
Free circulation of men and women in the planet
Free access of the people to the results of knowledge and research
Abolition of all the patents on bioknowledge.


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