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>Dear Nettimers,
>Does anyone have any contacts in Vienna that may be interested in this 
>project (see below), that are living, thinking and/or working on the issues 
>of it? I'm doing a installation of sorts (turning the gallery into a 
>video/working studio) there for a week in late may at the Kunsthalle 
>Exnergasse, May 17-21. Iím looking for people to videotape conversations 
>with, can you suggest any, the project is described below. This is a 
>continuation of the work I did in that area in November/December.
>Jayce Salloum
>Vancouver B.C.
>Project description:
>I will be setting up a studio in the gallery space, videotaping conversations 
>with people by appointment as well as taping conversations with people that 
>happen to walk in and want to share their experiences, some of this material 
>will be shown here and used in an ongoing project dealing with the issues 
>mentioned below. Concurrent with this I will make a very small installation 
>out of a few things brought and encourage people to add to it with their 
>objects and notes/observations. One evening I will present work of mine that 
>has relevancy for the situation including material shot recently in 
>ex/current YU and other material from the Middle East dealing with 
>'between-ness', movement, shifts and transitions and lives occupying these 
>spaces and times. 
>People can bring things to the gallery before May 17th and while I am there, 
>to help build the installation; objects, writings, notes, pictures, 
>conversations, anything that speaks to the current and past dilemmas or 
>histories that oneself is found in, especially concerning: race, identity, 
>cultural production and politics, immigration/migration, refuge, asylum, 
>home/heimat, nationalism[s], borders, transition, change, fear, diversity, 
>tolerating the intolerable, relationship to the Balkans, Europe/E. Europe, 
>Africa, Asia, Americas, and the conditions of moving and living cross- & 

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