JSalloum on Sun, 30 Apr 2000 06:52:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Dear Nettimers,

Does anyone have any contacts in Vienna that may be interested in this 
project (see below), that are living, thinking and/or working on the issues 
of it? I'm doing a installation of sorts (turning the gallery into a 
video/working studio) there for a week in late may at the Kunsthalle 
Exnergasse, May 17-21. Iím looking for people to videotape conversations 
with, can you suggest any, the project is described below. This is a 
continuation of the work I did in that area in November/December.


Jayce Salloum
Vancouver B.C.
email: salloum@rrrr.net


Project description:

I will be setting up a studio in the gallery space, videotaping conversations 
with people by appointment as well as taping conversations with people that 
happen to walk in and want to share their experiences, some of this material 
will be shown here and used in an ongoing project dealing with the issues 
mentioned below. Concurrent with this I will make a very small installation 
out of a few things brought and encourage people to add to it with their 
objects and notes/observations. One evening I will present work of mine that 
has relevancy for the situation including material shot recently in 
ex/current YU and other material from the Middle East dealing with 
'between-ness', movement, shifts and transitions and lives occupying these 
spaces and times. 

People can bring things to the gallery before May 17th and while I am there, 
to help build the installation; objects, writings, notes, pictures, 
conversations, anything that speaks to the current and past dilemmas or 
histories that oneself is found in, especially concerning: race, identity, 
cultural production and politics, immigration/migration, refuge, asylum, 
home/heimat, nationalism[s], borders, transition, change, fear, diversity, 
tolerating the intolerable, relationship to the Balkans, Europe/E. Europe, 
Africa, Asia, Americas, and the conditions of moving and living cross- & 

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