Terrence J Kosick on Fri, 21 Apr 2000 02:33:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> IS MAFIABOY REAL OR A CREATION OF THE MEDIA? 2600.com

Terrence writes;

Well he is a Canadian kid, Canadian kids from Montreal usually figure out the
theory of relativity on a the match book cover for their fist pack of smokes
during half time at the local rink when they are 5 years old. Mafia boy is an
amateur. He busted into a major American Universities system to do the hack.
It's (Canadian's) child's play. Janet Reno bragged it was the good police
work. Ya they overheard Mafia boy at a BBS. Oh they are so smart. Mafia Boy
gets 2 years of juvenile detention because some cops have nothing better to
do but listen in on Canadian teenagers. Hey they did learn something. They
are dumb.

terrence kosick

rdom@thing.net wrote:

>                                    04/20/00
> We'd like to officially express our skepticism on the recent arrest of a
> Montreal teenager for the Denial of Service attacks back in February.
> Naturally, we always have reason to be somewhat doubtful whenever the
> authorities claim to know the first thing about the Internet. But in this
> case, we wanted to see just how clueless they could possibly be. When the
> name "mafiaboy" was first mentioned months ago, a couple of us hopped onto
> IRC using that nick. Sure enough, within seconds, we were being messaged
> by people who believed we were the person responsible.  Amazingly, the
> person who fell for it the hardest is the very person now being quoted
> widely in the media as having caught the perpetrator. Now perhaps this is
> all just a big coincidence. But as you can see from the IRC logs below, we
> dropped a few clues that the person was in a country with snow and at one
> point "accidentally" spoke French to imply the province of Quebec. We were
> amazed when the blame actually landed on someone from Montreal.
> A good question to ask is why we would want to cause such confusion and
> mayhem. The answer is to prove a point. That all one needs to do to be
> considered a suspect is change a nickname on IRC. We had absolutely NO
> proof that we could provide to make this fictitious person responsible in
> any way for the attacks. Yet we were believed by countless people,
> including the "expert" who is taking credit for the arrest.  And now we
> see that the main piece of evidence against the real person who was
> arrested is the fact that he was "bragging" in an IRC channel.  Please. If
> this is indeed the person responsible (and what a geographical coincidence
> THAT would be), we'd like to see them held accountable to a REASONABLE
> degree. But in order to do this fairly, the evidence must be made public.
> Otherwise, we will continue to believe that the authorities and the media
> are more interested in sending a message than actually achieving justice.
> To Read IRC Chat and commentary:
> http://www.2600.com/news/2000/0420.html
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