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[Nettime-bold] : zonata 4 unakompan!ed nn _ zve!te

ke! prozesz ov memor! = retr!evl
= ma! appear 01 paradocz ma!z != 

real!t! = kan bkom radzr konfuz!ng az zoon az 
1 = perze!vz mean!ng !n dze z!mbolz man!pulatd
= 1 = muzt rez!zt dze temptaz!on 2 th!nk. 

From: Jago 

Earlier this year you helped me controll qtvr with touchtone sounds and
nato. The installation functioned perfectly. My tutors, using the public
payphone as an interface, were able to controll and interact with the
movies projected onto the windows of our house. With your help I scored a
1st for the module. Thanx.

Nato Modular help
I am the proud licencee of nato modular. I have conected four motors to a
set of Technics decks the voltage from the motors run throught the i-cube
and respond to the dj scratching. These varieables are assigned to
variouse movie controlls.
I want the voltage from the cross fader to controll the transparancy of a
As the cross fader is thrown so the top movie fades and another movie
becomes visible.
Sorry for the basic question but is this done with layers or tracks and
how do I controll the transparrency?

Without deveation from the norm progress is not possible.


>From: ted@
>your website is the coolest

vra!mnt +? zuper-keul
!ch denke.gluck!ch.fre!.
ja b!n !ch auch.


It was refreshing to see how the graphic disposition of the text 
reflected the movement of your eyes. ....


        , MFA
Interdisciplinary Sch 

From: phil

>This is very beautiful. Thankyou. 


From: Oeivind Idsoe <> 

Holier than holy, eh?
antiorp: female fascist as good as any other

From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi <>

> dear frogs don't feel pain - as an ieee member you should know this.

same to you..

tralalela + la la la

From: hiaz 

my dearest!

>Computation of blood flow in the model heart requires
>specifying the anatomy (that is, tailoring the
>construction described above to a particular shape),
>specifying the physiology (the muscular properties of
>the model fibers, including any time-dependencies)
>and then the repeated application of the Immersed
>Boundary Method.
>Currently, this involves a finite
>difference solution on a 128x128x128 grid repeated
>approximately 57,000 times to model a single beat of
>the heart. Such a computation takes about 250 CPU
>hours on the Cray T90, a large shared-memory
>multiprocessor, at the San Diego Supercomputer
>The result is a prediction of the flow patterns of
>blood throughout the heart and a simultaneous
>prediction of the motion of the heart and its valves.
>Some selected results from one such computation are
>shown in Figure 5.

From: Les Stuck <>

>        splendid receptors have identified YOU
>        as one pack of hyenas operating in koncert
>        towards the elimination of superior memes

not true.

From: eugen 


From: "Reso

wie heisst du wirklich?

o7. o3 25. 191oo @ 14.54.55 
m9ndfukc.m2cht.fr3! []  


Saw a nice demo of a NATO related soft at SEAMUS this month.

Subject: [] -  netstars Top 22 i-Booster // I write to my favorite netstar with a french kiss enclosed.   =smack smack !! have a good day !!

From: serotonin

thank you for your contribution to our turn of the century culture.

From: @     .edu

you are so lovely - i hope i can afford modular at some point.


Hello Integer

It's the first time I come to write to you. Maybe it's
the first time I understand the entire content of your
mail :-)

Even if you wrote tons of unreadable emails, let me
tell you I love your myzterious senzeless wordz for
my understand!ng ;-)

>From :    .edu

Thank you again for even considering this. There are a number of grad
students salivating as am I.

best wishes,

>From :    .hr

> allo
>>I'm working at the newly founded Media department of the Academy of fine arts in 
>>Zagreb - Croatia. I'd like to 
>Academy of fine arts in Zagreb - Croatia = zponzord

puno puno hvala - thanx a lot.

>  >Dear levers,
>>         I have been using the Imag/ine demo and I want to upgrade 
>>to the full >working version.  I have tried to contact Steim but I 
>>have not received any >response.  Can some one inform me about how 
>>to purchase the software?

market:ng.guer:lla z0 > hut.ab


re.state |
kode kr:t:k // data demontage

<blink> pensee un:k = :nadekwat propozl = akzeptanz den:ed </blink>

.d:z ema:l :z sponzord by d :n:t:at:f for mehr e<htze:t

#OOOOO > rez:zt :gnorant kultur

>From: zai <>
>and what the hell do you want to communicate?
>tell me what your code is.
>dave, etoy

:gnorant kultur +?

From: Benjamin

Yes, it's great >>> nice w!rk one of mine

>...can you tell me, do you wish to continue any correspondence with me
>in the future? Or do you really think of me as just another comical
>marionette model-citizen fascist? 

op!n!e = du 0+1 luvl! perzonaj 
reku!r!ng nurtur.

>I can't really tell ever, 


>whether you
>are talking about people in general or me ultra-specifically. 

dze zntr ov ur uorld +?

>I mean, if
>you think I'm a particularly offensive jerk, then there's not much point
>in me sending you e-mail, is there?

dze v!z!bl + zubtle zement un!t!ng real objektz
2 dze eczkluz!on ov all odrz +?

"Miklos Legrady" = paraz!t de ordr 0+3 ncezt paz
"klMios grdLaey" = z!parat de rdor 0+3 zcvet pza
"koslMi aegrdLy" = zr!tapa de ordr 0+3 zcevt pza


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