i b on Sat, 15 Apr 2000 20:30:12 +0200 (CEST)

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e-rave isn't dead. 

london is the e-rave. 

[the marketing dept gets there in
the end.]

culture assimilated, repackaged,
sold back. 24 hour caning culture 
writ large. A societal multiple pile
up of dot commery, gap retail
therapy, minimalism - the non-stop
of the reality illusion. media!

fluoroescent lights, call centres, 
starbucks, grey third way fabric, the
demographic target of gold blend
adverts, living for the weekend &
immersed in perpetual shopping.

who needs drugs when you are
already in hyperspace?

you can go faster, longer, more
superhuman than ever before. why
be here when you can be there?

dance to the repetitive beat of 9-5.
the numbing thud thud thud of the
establishment ascerting that 





society fucked over and over and 
over and over until all that is left is 
the long dark pokemon of the soul.

this is one rave the government will
never legislate against.

i can't wait for the remix.


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