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[Nettime-bold] Re[ap]: Th[es]is Mes.sage was[h my space with text]

>Th[es]is Mes.sage was[h my space with text, drench my wonne-tonne-wurdz in
silken static and blend yr boundariez] unde[r yr thumb, yr noze yr
ovariez]liver[N kidneyz N prostrate[tingz]z]able due to the follow[inge the
stuporic superhighwaze]ing reas.on[N off, flik off N on]:
>A[h!my stomach iz full, my life n-shurted here] mess.[i feel mi]age was
[k]no[t]t de.livered[thru the trial, the nexus, the liphe N thymez of
n-other, a surrogate, a, streaminge sound N wavz]
be.cause[ov it all, i feel, stretch marked and brand-ed] I[nfo]T[echne]
would create a mail[e] l.oop[s, i mean, ov course, female as well].
>T.[s]he a.ddress[inge inna rosebuddish-pink 1, or raveing-red, circuz
colourz refr.act-ted N the flowe[ur[l]]] be.low[the gender linez n
communication blurbz] do not be.[hivez N wartz N all]long to an.y[-talk N
IRC] ac[k!].counts on this machine,so[-so, this drink, this cravin, this
D-sire & [dental]damnation]] an at.tempt[inge izzn't it? we all live here,
B-neath N on[line-a]top ov][izz] mad.[with luzt and truzt N nuthin ov
the sort]e to for.ward[ing ovv the Devil, spirits re.spl[e]en.dent[ata]]
the mess[N dirt, crave again that simpelle x-istence, failin]age to the
des[ertin, breakage, splinter]ti.nation[of webbishwhorez] h.[l]ost.
How.ever[n eva ah[wo]men, again], the destin[ee ahweightz, is clogginge
mixturez of texttinct and tractz].ation[op! 2 much!] is
T.HIS[z.......hizzzz] ma[mez]chine, but under

>a different name.
>Here are a few possible solutions for clearing up this problem:
>       - return the mail since the address was invalid
>       - add an account or alias for the recipient and
>         resubmit the message
>If this machine should be handling all [femme]mail for the destination
>host, it should be added to the list of Local-Mail-D.[w]om[b].ains in
>the "Sy.stem[n petal, bloom n bruise] Co[dependent].n.figuration."
>     Destin[y here 2, stop-N-stare]ation ho[ho-heh]st: mail.[net].wurk.[u
r in a rightte]
>The following recipients did not receive this message:
>     <narrative@[fe]>
>Please reply to Post[wo]ma[n]ster@th[es]is.message.was[h my wurds with
>if you feel this message to be in [t]error.


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