Nadja Franz on Wed, 5 Apr 2000 11:04:18 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] looking for answers

Hi there,

I own the magazine (an online magazine about time and
zeitgeist in context with arts and culture) and in every issue there is a
question and answer part to whom nine people (artists, journalists,
sociologists) answer.

This time I have five questions about the feeling for time on the net:

1. People try to find an universal solution for messuring time. Do you
think that one of the existing modells (for example Swatch Internet Time or
GET Greenwich Electronic Time)
will be accepted? Why, why not?

2. In a statistic a year in the internet is meant to be 2.7 month short.
Did you also realize a faster flow of time in the net?

3. How do you personal act with this phenomenon?

4. Do you think that the speed of the medium internet is also influencing
the offline-allday-life of an internet user?

5. Do you think that fast-moving time is a sign of zeitgeist in general?

I am looking for someone from spain or portugal, south america, asia, or
everywhere else exept germany, france, great britain, greece or the Baltics.

Would be a great help if some people would contact me!!!

Thanks a lot,

Nadja Franz.

fraufranz konzept & design
Kanalstr. 42
24159 Kiel

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