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[Nettime-bold] New Media Scotland Announces Artists' Commissions


New Media Scotland is an agency facilitating arts activity shaped by new
technologies. We operate nationally to expand the audiences for new media

In line with our committment to supporting artists' work within Scotland
and internationally, we are establishing new opportunities, supported by
the Scottish Arts Council:

Digital Art Commissions x 1O

Ten artists will produce interactive digital artworks at locations around
Scotland. The artists will create works using computer technologies and
presented via the delivery technologies of the internet, CD-ROM, or DVD.

Moving Image Commissions x 3

Three artists based in Scotland will produce short single screen works,
produced using video and digital technologies. Post-production will be
based at three locations across Scotland. The finished works will be made
available both as film print and video tape.

For further information on the selected artists and their projects visit:

New Media Scotland	           Tel. +44 141 564 3010
P.O. Box 25065, Glasgow G1 5YP	   Fax. +44 141 564 3011
Scotland, UK

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