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[Nettime-bold] Summer Institute

Please forward and/or post this information:

The Summer Institute @ The Kitchen: Where Artists of the
Present Inspire Artists of the Future


The Kitchen and Sarah Lawrence College present
The Second Annual Sidney Kahn Summer Institute

Studies in Multimedia Performance
June 12 - June 30
$2,500 (includes 3 credits and meals)

Sound Circus 2000 is an intensive three-week lab offering students a
unique opportunity to create performance works through daily interaction
with cutting edge artists. This year's institute focuses on "new opera"
as a current multimedia practice interweaving voice, music, text, video,
dance, and performance.

The Kitchen makes its resources and facilities available to a future
generation of artists, activists, and educators.  Directed by Pia Massie
and fully-accredited by Sarah Lawrence College, Sound Circus 2000 offers
students age 18-30 mentoring and workshops from many influential
artists, including Lynn Book, Martha Bowers, Fast Forward, Maia Claire
Garrison, Philip Glass, Philip Hamilton, Shirley Kaplan, John King,
Annie Lanzilotto, Meredith Monk, Butch Morris, Molly Davies and Polly
Motley, Treva Offutt, Sara Rudner, and Lucienne Vidah, among others.

As part of the Institute, The Kitchen will present five public talks
from multimedia artists of international stature. In addition, weekly
public screenings from The Kitchen's extraordinary video collection and
archives are scheduled, which will bring to light the important
explorations in multimedia that have made The Kitchen the center of this
activity for more than twenty-five years.

The Kitchen is an interdisciplinary laboratory for visionary, emerging
and established artists.  It has been a powerful force in shaping the
cultural landscape of this country for over two decades, and is
internationally renowned for its early support of artists who have gone
on to receive world-wide stature.  The first institution to focus
exclusively on multi-disciplinary work, The Kitchen is emerging as a new
kind of cultural center, simultaneously serving an international
artistic community and acting as a resource in its own neighborhood.  In
the coming millennium, The Kitchen will remain a nurturing space for
artists to collaborate across disciplines and push the boundaries of
their fields, and will support the artistic exploration and application
of new technologies that help connect artists and audiences from around
the world.

Sarah Lawrence College, long recognized as a pioneer in creative
education, is a liberal arts college with focused and collaborative
undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts. The Theater Program is
interdisciplinary and dedicated to the training and development of new
voices creating original performance works.  While learning and using a
diverse and global theatrical vocabulary, students experiment with the
resources and connections of writing, art, music, dance and emerging
technologies that help connect artists and audiences from around the

To apply or for more information on the Institute, please visit
the website: http://www.thekitchen.org/summerinst/INDEX.HTM

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