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[Nettime-bold] Station Rose on the road_Fahrplan 4.00


                 Dear Gunafa Netizen,

here we are with the new <on the road_Fahrplan>, on from tomorrow we are on
tour again:

* A- performance & in conversation at Salzburger Kunstverein
* B- performance & in conversation at Kunstraum Innsbruck
* C-scanning/doing field research in Austria for next NetSTReams - Webcast
103 & beyond

A- performance & in conversation at Salzburger Kunstverein .
WED/5.4.00, 8pm
multimedia performance & lecture (in conversation with Hildegund
Amanshauser, director)
at Salzburger Kunstverein, Hellbrunnerstrasse 3, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
fon +43-662 8422940,

* B- performance, installation & in conversation at Kunstraum Innsbruck
opening & performance: THU/13.4.00, 8pm
STR in conversation with Josephine Bosma: SAT/15.4.00
Installation : 13.-29.4.00

at Projektraum/Kunstraum Innsbruck,
Maria Theresien-str.34, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria
www.salzburgerwww.salzburger-kunstvereinfon +43 512 584000

* C-scanning & doing field research in Austria for next NetSTReams -
Webcast 103 & beyond
STR takes a close look at their home country Austria, and will use some of
the sampled material for the next webcasts 103 & beyond. The exact webcast
dates can be found online at later this month.

stay with us
             station rose

----> Station Rose Info:
STR was founded in Vienna in 1988 by musician Gary Danner & artist Elisa
Rose as a public multimedia-lab. On from the beginning activities of
Station Rose spanned the spectrum of CD,- Vinyl- and CD-ROM-production,
artproduction, research on Virtual Realities to symposia, lectures,
performances in galleries, clubs and museums. STR is online since 1991, and
performs regularly on <>. "STReaming art in real-time-20
sec. STR is one of the 1st multimedia bands in the world &  played at Ars
Electronica, Transmediale, Viper, Museum Ludwig, Cyberthon, XS &
Ultraschall, le Batofar, Museumsquartier, the Museum of Applied Arts in
Vienna, to name a few.
Main publications: "Virtuelle Realitaet als Neuer Grenzbereich-Research for
the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research" CD ROM 1992; "15 Years of
Ars Electronica" CD ROM 1994; "1st Decade - Das Buch" edition selene 1998;
"Playing Now" Audio CD 1999. Gunafa Label releases : gun05, gun06,  gun007.

 The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates  can be found at                 "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

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