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[Nettime-bold] 10th edition of CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine

***Please excuse multiple or cross-postings***

The 10th edition of CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine is now on line, in
French and English.

The contents of the Magazine include:

   * A Feature on destruction in Web Art entitled Create=Destroy,
written by Anne-Marie Boisvert
   * Bernard Schütze brings together the works of ®™ark, Mongrel,
m9ndfukc, JODI, and Mark Napier around the theme of anthropophagy in
Web art, in his text Cannibals on line, that can be found in the
Perspective section.
   * Three Interviews:  Auriea Harvey, in collaboration with theWalker
Art Center; Sheila Urbanoski; Granular Synthesis.
   * Reviews of Web projects by : Rachel Baker; Maurice Benayoun;
Natalie Bookchin & Alexei Shulgin; Heath Bunting; Claude Closky;
Janet Cohen, Keith Frank and Jon Ippolito; Christina Goestl;
Valérie Lamontagne; Olia Lialina; Sabine Mai.
   * A Review of Studio XX's Maid in Cyberspace Web art festival by
Katarina Soukup.
   * A review of entropy8zuper , the Website of Auriea Harvey & Michaël
Samyn in Spotlight.

Thank you!

Sylvie Parent
Magazine électronique du CIAC
Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal

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