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[Nettime-bold] Re: "Balkan point" vs. immediate eternity model

> But, we are used to see mistakes of each other; from one side West
> in Eastern Europe resists, as a picture of promise, but as well, of
> total alienation, total decline as disintegrated and dead society,
> while East resists in West, as low, barbarian, uncivilised "garden
> of authenticity". Eastern Europeans go to West to check how still
> human they are, and all they see are robots, while West European go
> to East Europe like in a zoo, to see unique sort that was once
> inhabiting all planet (but seems there were two scenarios (either
> they all killed each other, and the Planet was finally quite, or
> they suddenly stopped to communicate).
> And indeed when an Eastern European goes on the West, they photograph
> themselves lost in "rush hours" just to remember how instant societies
> look like, pushed into one corridor (and showing their kids how they
> managed to survive, but never tried to run themselves), while Western
> Europeans photograph themselves near ruined houses (they will show to
> their kids disregarding the fact they arrived long time after). They
> will both be brave, and that might be a happy end.
> But sholdn`t in between two extremes somewhere reside point where there
> are no we and they...


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