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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> resignation of the "beast"

just a short one:
Haider resigned, but thats certainly no reason to start partying yet.
The odd coalition-government stays in place .
Haider pretends to concentrate on his job in the province
a  smart move, he hopes to  dim the national and international heat
to prepare his path to the Austrian presidency
Meanwhile he's conferencing with danish and hungarian nationalists
and keeps pulling the strings in Vienna.

>Haider resigned?
>In the hotel Wimberger, known for its Jazz
>brunches and just around the corner from where I
>live in the 7th district of Vienna, Jrg Haider
>right now is talking to his party machine. Odd
>feeling. The news is, and was confirmed by the
>local ten o'clock news, that Haider resigns not
>from politics, but from active involvement in
>Austrian government politics as the head of FPOe
>and leave this to his head-mistress, vice
>chancellor(ess) Riess-Passer.
><nettime> readers will read this with
>considerate relay, as usual.
>Howdy, the heads change, the politics won't.
>(Thank god, at the last moment the concentration
>camps where Austrian/and Berlin/ artists were
>held will open now - I just hope CNN will be
>there for the witness)
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