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<nettime-ann> Pixel_Lab #2 | Cécile Babiole & Jean-Marie Boyer | June 21
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<nettime-ann> Pixel_Lab #2 | Cécile Babiole & Jean-Marie Boyer | June 21st & 22nd, 2014 {AT} la Gaîté Lyrique

Pixel Lab #2 | Cécile Babiole & Jean-Marie Boyer, "Conversation au fil de l'eau"

in Laboratoire Ouvert {AT} la Gaîté lyrique, Paris
21 june, 5PM-7PM, talk/discussion, free access
. 22 june, 2PM-6PM, workshop, 5 Euros

#2 | Cécile Babiole & Jean-Marie Boyer (FR): Conversation au fil de l'eau

"Conversation au fil de l'eau" is an installation based on a local communication network used to transmit short text messages through water. With this project, the artists embody the emblematic quote of McLuhan: "the medium is the message".

Workshop “Encoding/decoding and transmission errors"

Open to all levels, participants shall bring papers and pens.

An initiation to the basics of coding and information encryption. The workshop will follow a full analog procedure, using only paper and pen. The exercises will convoque as well the techno-scientist imaginary as well as the experimental OuLiPo writing methods.


Within the residency program "Laboratoire Ouvert" of la Gaîté lyrique, Mal au Pixel proposes a series of monthly meetings in Paris, until April 2015, consisting in a public talk and a collective workshop.
Since 2006, Mal au Pixel festival is looking at connecting technology, urban electronics and social  transformation issues, and to investigate our contemporary beliefs. The  festival brings together young digital artists and unconventional electronics : unexpected technologies, open source tools, prototypes and open ended events.


21-22 June
Jean-Marie Boyer & Cécile Babiole (FR), "Conversation au fil de l'eau"
19-20 July
Martin Howse (UK/DE), "Earthcode"

& tba: from September 2014 to April 2015, a series of monthly workshops.

On Saturday, 5PM-7PM,
free access;

Sunday, 2PM-6PM, 5€,
Reservations = ateliers(at)malaupixel.org;
In partnership with Pixelache Network.

With the support of the Grundtvig Foundation.

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