Invitation to the Transart MFA Exhibit OpeningÂ

Residency Berlin

Dear all,

Transart Institute would like to formally invite you to the 2013 MFA Graduating Student Exhibition vernissage thisÂSunday, July 21 at 20:00 atÂÂat Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, Berlin.

The projects in the exhibit range in scope and concern from an explorations of the face as form to the political, economic and social realities of the African Diaspora, from the investigation of the boundaries between material and immaterial labor in art making to an interactive film making session that questions the idea of representation. Anonymous texts from literature, the historic record, advice columns, current events and online forums that have been put to music provide for a lighter note as does the series of photographs and video titled âLightheadedâ in which the useful household object becomes an accessory worn as fashion couture, as a ritual headdress, and as a heraldic crown.

What these artists have in common is a two year journey in a unique academic program with a highly individualized format where students create their own course of study realizing individual art and research projects with the support of faculty and self-chosen artist advisors wherever they work and live, from Cairo to Jamaica to Norway to Australia to Qatar.

We look forward to seeing you there, and would appreciate it if you could circulate this invitation to your friends and colleagues who may be interested.

Best Wishes,
Transart Institute

Image:ÂGwen Charles: "Lightheaded", Lampara, 24'x30" (60x75cm), c-print 2012, mounted

Sunday, July 21
MFA Thesis exhibition presentations
09:00 â 16:00 Â ÂArtist talks
20:00 â 22:00 Â ÂMFA Thesis Exhibition Opening

Mon-Fri, July 22-26
10:00 â 20:00 Â ÂThesis Exhibition open
John Burrow (USA/Qatar) is a musician, media artist, recording & audio engineer, and composer of electronic and non-electronic music for concert and electronic media.

Gwen Charles (USA)Âis a visual artist producing multi-disciplinary performance art interweaving video, sculpture & movement. Site-specific performances & installations and movement for camera celebrate everyday sensations and objects.

Katrina Coombs (Jamaica) is a textile artist. Her recent practice encompasses sculpture, photography, video and text and has been exhibited in Jamaica, Germany and the USA.Â

Aurora Del Rio (Italy) is an interdisciplinary artist who incorporates performance, painting and writing into her practice. Her works have been exhibited throughout Italy and in Brasil.

Anna Binta Diallo (Senegal/Canada)Âgrew up in the Francophone community in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is currently based in Montreal. In addition to her artistic practice, she is a freelance graphic designer, a singer/music composer and life enthusiast.Â

Amanda Kerdahi (Egypt)Âuses video, installation, and performance to explore the connections between object and subject confronting the power relations between human subjects and material objects in quotidian rituals.

Anne Sophie Lorange (Norway) grew up in the U.S and moved to Scandinavia as a teenager. With a bilingual background, she explores states of interpretation, in-betweeness and identity. Her work is spontaneous and fresh in a raw and delicate sense, confronting the spectator with a direct physicality, while revealing an ambiguous notion of an in-between state of freedom and creative power.

Alvin McIntyre (Canada) holds a BFA from Concordia and a BEd from York Univeristy, Toronto. His work has been exhibited in Toronto, Montreal and Berlin.Â

Hani Moustafa (Egypt/USA)Âstopped making finished films in 2011. He started to study, through practice, how filmmaking deepens the crisis of voice while (and through) claiming the opposite. Statement: "I am not making films that require passive spectatorship anymore. Watch, Comment, Participate, and Wrestle with the filmmaker.Â

Susie Quillinan (Australia) examines through the use of documents and the manipulation of the borderline between fact and fiction the culture of para-productivity and the replacement of leisure with hyper identity making.

John Weiner (USA)Âis interested in the realms of abstract and literal representation as well as the destabilizing of such values through mis-representation. John received his BFA from Pratt institute in Brooklyn, a city that will forever hold visual influence on him.
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