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Pictoplasma Newsletter on Thu, 18 Jul 2013 16:23:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Pictoplasma Newsletter July 2013

Title: Pictoplasma Newsletter - July 2013

JULY 2013
Gary Baseman at the Pictoplasma Academy

Berlin, 12-20 October, 2013

The Pictoplasma Academy 2013 reveals its full faculty lineup:

With little more than one week left for your applications to reach us, we proudly announce the final missing additions to this year's Pictoplasma Academy staff of tutors, lecturers and workshop hosts.

Adding themselves to the already impressive line-up of international character creators, designers, illustrators and creatives, including the Academy's tutors Rilla Alexander and Nathan Jurevicius, the 3D illustrator Mark Gmehling and the sculpturer Benjamin Van Oost from Toykyo, we are honored to confirm that famed artist Gary Baseman will be joining us to offer you an in depth conceptual session on the challenged balance between a fine art career and entrepreneurism; while Phil Hunt, director and creative director of London based animation production company STUDIO AKA, will be contributing with an intense workshop on the possibilities and requirements to translate your character property into appealing, involving animation and narration.

All of the above plus a multitude of additional workshops, theory panels and excursions into the creative topos of Berlin, the Pictoplasma Academy is set to deliver tons of inspiration, the unique chance to professionalise under the close guidance of some of today's most prolific creatives and bring your own, personal project to a whole new level.

Deadline to send your application (a selection of work samples and your CV) is soon: July 26!

All information here: http://academy.pictoplasma.com



Gary Gary

Gary Baseman crosses many lines of art as a painter, illustrator, video and performance artist, animator, TV/movie producer, curator, and toy designer. His work has been published in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, Time, and Rolling Stone; and he designed the best-selling game "Cranium". He created the three-time Emmy and BAFTA award-winning animation series, "Teacher's Pet," earning him credit as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment named by Entertainment Weekly Magazine.
The Los Angeles Times has described his art as "adorably perverse," humorously playful and dark, childlike but often with adult themes. His fine art has been displayed in galleries and museums in Brazil, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russia, and all over the United States. The Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, is currently showing a comprehensive retrospective of his work, re-creating the home Gary grew up for visitors to witness how he has used his own culture, heritage, experiences and surroundings to inform his art.

At the Academy, Gary will join the participnts for an in depth, personal session on how to distill the relevance and meaning of their work, illuminate the challenged balance between a fine art career and entrepreneurism, and help them stage and conceptualize their character project in an exhibition (p.e. at the upcoming Pictoplasma Festival in 2014).

Toby at the Pictoplasma Academy


Studio AKA Phil Hunt

Philip Hunt is Creative Director and Co-Owner of STUDIO AKA – a multi award-winning animation production company based in London known for its innovation & idiosyncratic excellence. As a director, Philip has either created or supervised an eclectic range of commercials & animation projects. His diverse body of work also includes the multi-award winning short film AH POOK IS HERE – an interpretation of recordings by the late William S. Burroughs – and more recently an half hour animated film based on Oliver Jeffers award winning children's book LOST AND FOUND. The film has won an incredible 60 International awards at Film festivals across the globe and has also been honored with a BAFTA for Best children's animation and an Annecy Crystal for Best TV special.
Alongside an eclectic range of commercial & broadcast projects, AKA is famed for its in house productions, such as the BAFTA & SUNDANCE winning (& OSCAR Nominated) A MORNING STROLL, the BAFTA winning & Cartoon D'Or-winning JO JO IN THE STARS – and the multi-Award winning VARMINTS.

Philip will help Academy attendees to define their character's attributes, biography and depth, to enable strong stories and memorable encounters – and prevent them from slipping "in and out of character".

Philip Hunt at the Pictoplasma Academy


You live to learn. And this is your opportunity to learn from the best!

Your's truly,
the Academy


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