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lucinda folio: resonant photo-art stock

Reproduction quality (32-bit) photographic art now available
on-line for immediate use. Download through your
www-browser. Payment at current rates upon publication.
Additional pixel-data can be provided for especially large
scales or ultra-fine resolutions.

The lucinda folio consists of 619 original photo-works,
presented on the Net as a regularly changing selection of
20-30 images. A published monograph is a possibility and
there was also interest in a digital-print version of the

These images print-up best when floated on a four-colour
black or dark neutral background; well-suited to stochastic
screening. The resolutely, optical edges and flattened
quality of the imagery in the lucinda folio are the
distinctive result of home-made optics used to capture these
studied conjunctions of composed colour, surface texture,
and ambient lighting. At times, they seem to embody a lost,
intrinsic, immediacy and fascination with moments of
internalized perception and play. Improbable poetry at best.

All the photographs (untitled) were taken throughout North
America primarily in the early seventies and dwindling
through the mid-eighties. With a few noted exceptions, none
of the photographs have ever been previously published.


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