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<nettime-ann> Mix conference call for papers.
BishopZ on Thu, 27 Oct 2011 16:14:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Mix conference call for papers.

Mix conference call for papers.

Mix: Merging Intermedia X11 Conference

Call for Papers: A conference exploring Transmedia Writing & Digital

The conference will take place at Bath Spa University’s postgraduate
centre at Corsham Court from 16th-18th July 2012. Its aim is to bring
together practitioners and theorists working with writing in digital
media. The purpose is to create a core of research knowledge both
practical and theoretical. The conference will present academic papers
and also presentations and workshops by current digital practitioners.
There will also be a public exhibition of work by the Fluxus artists.
The questions we will be addressing are: How can new media be used for
serious artistic purposes and how can we create a suitable critical
vocabulary for this? What is the relationship between digital writers
and the commercial world of ‘gaming’. Who are the audiences for digital
writing and how can they be accessed?
We welcome submissions from those who work in digital media, concrete
poetry, text art, poetry and performance, poetry and film, film poems,
digital poetics, poetry and art, poetry and music, digital narratives,
game writing, intermedia poetry, transmedia writing, language art,
visual writing and installations.
The conference will produce an e-book of critical essays, examples of
work and also an online forum where the debate can be continued.
Confirmed Key Speakers are; Mark Amerika, Maria Mencia, and Tom Konyves.

We invite proposals of 300 words for 30 min presentations and/or 90 min
practical workshops. Deadline Friday 30th Dec 2011. Conference booking
opens 9th January 2012.
Please get in touch for further details. l.english {AT} bathspa.ac.uk

Key Speakers

* Maria Mencia
* Mark Amerika
* Tom Konyves


* Bath Spa University
* Corsham Court Centre
* Media Futures Research Centre
* School of Humanitites & Cultural Industries
* The Research Centre for Contemporary Writing

Recent News

* Mix: Merging Intermedia X11 Conference

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