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<nettime-ann> ARTifact Panel with Kim Stanley Robinson, this Friday Apri
micha cárdenas on Wed, 20 Apr 2011 09:28:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> ARTifact Panel with Kim Stanley Robinson, this Friday April 22nd

Friday, April 22nd, 3pm
Panel Discussion, “World Building and Contemporary Art”
Visual Arts Facility Performance Space, just north of Pepper Canyon Hall where the large metal "Performance" sign is.

Featuring Kim Stanley Robinson
Sheldon Brown, Professor of Visual Art
Cauleen Smith, Professor of Visual Art
Christopher Kardambikis, MFA Candidate

Part of the
Many Worlds, Many Times
Spring 2011 ARTifact Gallery Exhibition

More information at: http://cat.ucsd.edu/artifact.html

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The Many Worlds, Many Times exhibition (April 6 to June 10, 2011) is focusing on "a vision of a multiplicity of worlds and times, on many levels: the science fiction imaginary, phenomenological approaches to time and a world experienced through sound are just a few."

Presenter bios:

Kim Stanley Robinson (born March 23, 1952) is a winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Awards. He is the author of eleven previous books, including the bestselling Mars trilogy and the critically acclaimed Fifty Degrees Below, Forty Signs of Rain, The Years of Rice and Salt, and Antarctica--for which he was sent to the Antarctic by the U.S. National Science Foundation as part of their Antarctic Artists and Writers' Program. He lives in Davis, California. Kim Stanley Robinson is an American novelist, widely recognized as one of the foremost living writers of science fiction. Robinson began publishing novels in 1984. His work has been described as "humanist science fiction" and "literary science fiction". Robinson himself has been a proud defender and advocate of science fiction as a genre, which he regards as one of the most powerful of all literary forms.

Sheldon Brown combines computer science research with vanguard cultural production. He is Director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) where he is Professor of Visual Arts and a co-founder of the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Calit2). He is also the UCSD Site Director of the NSF supported Industry-University Collaborative Research Center for Hybrid Multicore Computing Research. He has shown his work at: The Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, The Exploratorium in San Francisco, Ars Electronica in Linz Austria, The Kitchen in NYC, Zacheta Gallery in Warsaw, Centro Nacional in Mexico City, Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and others. THe has also been featured at leading edge techno-culture conferences such as Supercomputing, SIGGRAPH, TedX GDC and other conferences of leading edge techno-culture. He has been commissioned for public artworks in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Mexico City, and has received grants from the NSF, AT&T New Experiments in Art and Technology, the NEA, IBM, Intel, Sun Microsystems, SEGA SAMMY, Sony, Vicon and others.

Cauleen Smith has received grants or fellowships from the Rockefeller
Inter-Cultural Media Arts Fellowship, the American Film Institute
Independent Film and Videomaker Program, the National Black Programming
Consortium, and a Western States Regional Fellowship, Artmatters, and
Creative Capital. Smith was commissioned by Creative Time and Paul Chan
to produce a video response to the city of New Orleans 2 years
post-Katrina. The project, entitled, The Fullness of Time, premiered at
The Kitchen and won the jury award for best film at the New Orleans
International Film Festival. Smith is using the Creative Capital
sponsorship to produce a series of digital videos that re-enact
historical instances in which a traumatic human gesture of negation
resembles earth sculpture or land arts projects from the early
seventies. Her screenplay adaptation for the Martha Southgate novel
Third Girl From The Left is being produced by Washington Square Films,
with George C. Wolfe attached to direct and Kerry Washington as
executive producer. Smith is currently shooting an experimental
psychogeographic film on Sun Ra, improvisation, and creative music in
Chicago, IL. As a community building curatorial project for San Diego,
Smith opened the Carousel Microcinema, a roving cinema space dedicated
to the viewing and discussion of the moving image. The programs combine
historical avant-garde and conceptual works with contemporary and
emerging works ranging in genre from performance video to structuralist
materialist filmmaking. Cauleen Smith’s short films are distributed by
Canyon Cinema and Video Data bank. Beginning in the Spring of 2011 to
May of 2021 Smith, as acting associate professor in the department of
visual arts, will be on residency at University of California, San
Diego. The Year And Change Artist Residency is a public research
laboratory that produces workshops and disseminates objects for and the
the UCSD campus community as a means of exploring utopia, campus
culture, collegiality, and art practice as research and production.

Christopher Kardambikis is exploring an absurd mythology for the future
through drawings, paintings, and books. He has co-founded two artist
book projects: the Pittsburgh-based Encyclopedia Destructica (with
Jasdeep Khaira) and the San Diego-based Gravity and Trajectory (with
Louis Schmidt). He has been an artist in residence at the Vermont
Studio Center, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Millay
Colony, and the Pittsburgh Center of the Arts. Kardambikis received a
BFA in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University in 2005 and is
currently pursuing an MFA at the University of California, San Diego.

About the curator: Micha Cárdenas [http://transreal.org] is an
artist/theorist whose transreal work mixes physical and networked spaces
in order to explore emerging forms of queer relationality, biopolitics
and DIY horizontal knowledge production. She is the Interim Associate
Director of Art and Technology for UCSD’s Sixth College in the Culture,
Art and Technology program. She has been a lecturer in the Visual Arts
department and Critical Gender Studies program at UCSD. She is an
artist/researcher with the UCSD School of Medicine, CRCA and the
b.a.n.g. lab at Calit2. Her recent publications include Trans
Desire/Affective Cyborgs, with Barbara Fornssler, from Atropos Press, “I
am Transreal”, in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation from Seal Press
and “Becoming Dragon: A Transversal Technology Study” in Code Drift from
CTheory. Her collaboration with Elle Mehrmand, “Mixed Relations,” was
the recipient of the UCIRA Emerging Fields Award for 2009. She has
exhibited and performed in biennials, museums and galleries in cities
around the world including Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana, New York,
San Francisco, Montreal, Egypt, Ecuador, Spain, Saas-Fee, Switzerland,
Dublin, Ireland and many other places. Her work has been written about
in publications including Art21, the Associated Press, the LA Times,
CNN, BBC World, Wired and Rolling Stone Italy.

micha cárdenas
Interim Associate Director of Art and Technology
Culture, Art and Technology Program, Sixth College, UCSD

Co-Author, Trans Desire / Affective Cyborgs, http://is.gd/daO00
Artist/Theorist, bang.lab, http://bang.calit2.net

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