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<nettime-ann> CFP: The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 5/31)

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the CFP below and forward to anyone you know who might be interested. Many thanks.

Matthew K. Gold, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, New York City College of Technology (English) and 
CUNY Graduate Center (Interactive Technology and Pedagogy)
Project Director, CUNY Academic Commons
300 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201
http://mkgold.net    mattgold {AT} gmail.com


Subject:  CFP:  The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 5/31)

Please forward this to your department listserv and to any colleagues to which it would be of potential interest.  Thank you!


The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, a new, peer reviewed publication, seeks scholarly work that explores the intersection of technology with teaching, learning, and research. We are interested in contributions that take advantage of the affordances of digital platforms in creative ways.

Submissions that focus on pedagogy should balance theoretical frameworks with practical considerations of how new technologies might be employed in the classroom. Research-based articles should include discussions of approach, method, and analysis.

In addition to scholarly articles, we will consider:

* Manifestos and jeremiads: ideological statements that strongly articulate new visions of academic life and work.
* Interviews, dialogues or conversations: interviews with teachers or researchers using new tools or techniques in innovative ways; dialogues between scholars on new directions in pedagogy and research; or roundtable discussions about pedagogy, research, or academic development.
* Reviews of relevant materials in the field: descriptions and critiques of recent offerings in the field, such as new books, hardware, software, CMSes, etc.
* Assignments or exercises, classroom-based or otherwise, accompanied by critical reflection.
* Creative works: videos, animations, poems, games, photographs, presentations, etc.

On average, full-length articles range between 3,500 and 8,000 words, but more important than length is the work’s ability to engage an audience in critically reflecting on the uses of technology in academic contexts.

All submissions must be previously unpublished. We regret that we cannot consider simultaneously submitted work. For our complete guidelines, please go to http://ojs.gc.cuny.edu/index.php/itcp/about/submissions.

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