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<nettime-ann> Fw: ARTHOC Workshops 2010 : Frans Winther (Odin Teatret) & Jean-Jacques LemÃtre (ThÃÃtre du Soleil)


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Subject: ARTHOC Workshops 2010 : Frans Winther (Odin Teatret) & Jean-Jacques LemÃtre (ThÃÃtre du Soleil)
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 International Centre for Performing Arts
ARTHOC Workshops 2010 : The Rhythm of the Actor/Dancer & Theatre Music
Frans Winther (Odin Teatret) & Jean-Jacques LemÃtre (ThÃÃtre du Soleil)


Two intensive workshops for performers, musicians, composers, actors, directors, teachers and choreographers, who want to share the skills and secrets of the theatre composers Frans Winther and Jean Jacques LemÃtre from the internationally renowned Odin Teatret and ThÃÃtre du Soleil.

Working with the voice and the body, with the words and the music, we will improvise with material brought by participants and new material will be created together in search of rhythm, action and music. Taking place in one of the best areas of Transylvania (in Atel and Pelisor, two villages near Sibiu and Sighisoara), ARTHOC Workshops 2010 will give inspiration to new ways of thinking about performing art and music.



7-10 July â Frans Winther Workshop: The Rhythm of the Performance and the Actorâs Music

11 July â Visit  to the Fortified Churches of Transylvania

12-15 July â Jean-Jacques LemÃtre Workshop: Action, Rhythm, and the Actor



The Rhythm of the Performance and the Actorâs Music

Led by Frans Winther

(Composer at Odin Teatret/Nordic Theatre Laboratory of Eugenio Barba)

7-10 July 2010

The workshop includes improvisations with voice training, song, speech and rhythm and movements. Each day begins with vocal warm ups as a combination of voice training exercises and exercises aiming at gaining theatrical volume and power of _expression_. During this intensive workshop, actors, dancers, musicians, directors, singers work together concretely using voice, song and improvisations. These materials are progressively worked into a montage that clearly demonstrates how the dramaturgy of sound can be unfolded.

The Workshop is structured as a Series of Sessions:

Improvisation: Joint improvisations. Individual improvisation

Words and Music: Presentation of a poem as speech, talk song with underlying choral work or with a tune composed for the occasion. Group work with the individual poem, inserted into a musical context.

Musical Dramaturgy: Research of musical options in words and sentences. A presentation is elaborated using individual songs. Some songs are transformed, new voices, or an instrumental accompaniment are added. The presentation is rehearsed, with special focus on tension.


Number of participants




Frans Winther studied composition at the Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium in Denmark .

Since 1987 he is collaborating with the Odin Teatret in Holstebro , Denmark . He composed music to theatre performances by the Odin Teatret, directed by Eugenio Barba.




Action, Rhythm, and the Actor

Led by Jean-Jacques LemÃtre

(Composer and musician at the ThÃÃtre du Soleil of Ariane Mnouchkine)

12-15 July, 2010


An exploration through movement, rhythm and storytelling of some of the most essential tools available to the actor.

Special focus will be placed on better understanding and strengthening the presence of the actor in live performance as well as on character building discovered through the body, through rhythm and through analysis of the single major driving force behind all theatre:  Story. 

Jean-Jacques LemÃtre will work especially on rhythms in the body and in the voice, orchestration of the spoken and chanted word and of naturalistic texts.  He will also explore how rhythm and music relates to text in different traditions â occidental, oriental and far eastern, and how the voice and body can be approached as either independent or interdependent forms of _expression_.

Number of participants



Jean-Jacques LemÃtre is an internationally renowned composer, musician and professor of music, composing music for both theatre and film. He composed and interpreted music to theatre performances by Ariane Mnouchkine at the ThÃÃtre du Soleil.


Participation fee for both workshops: 190 euro.

Participation fee for one workshop: 130 euro. 

Application deadline: 4th of July.


If you are interested in participating, and for questions concerning accomodation, please send an email to: 
kinga.kovacs {AT} arthoc.ro  

office {AT} arthoc.ro



For detailed information about the leading artists, the International Centre for Performing Arts â ARTHOC and Atel, Pelisor ( Romania ), please visit www.arthoc.ro




International Centre for Performing Arts â ARTHOC is a department of Art-Hoc Association together with ArtSpect Publishing House and PASAJ Company.

The main mission of ARTHOC International Centre is to offer the artists the opportunity of enriching their professional arsenal with new methods of creation. The ARTHOC International Centre is a centre of interdisciplinary studies and practices, a laboratory of exploration of the creative process. For accomplishing this mission we organize our activities on the following principles:

1. stimulating the creative exchanges and exploring the boundaries between artistic fields by organizing workshops with internationally renowned artists.

2. developing international programs focused on multicultural dialogue and on the boundaries between traditional theatres of the world and the contemporary performing arts.

3. supporting artists (actors, directors, choreographers, stage designers, visual artists, composers etc.) by offering them a platform of dialogue and collaboration for creating interdisciplinary productions which investigate new ways of artistic _expression_.

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