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<nettime-ann> London Psychogeophysics Summit Workshop Participant Call
j on Thu, 1 Jul 2010 21:25:23 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> London Psychogeophysics Summit Workshop Participant Call

London Psychogeophysics Summit Workshop Participant Call

August 2-7th 2010, SPACE, HTTP, Greater London.

The London Psychogeophysics Summit proposes an intense week-long, city-wide series of walks, fieldtrips, river drifts, open workshops and discussions exploring the novel interdisciplinary frame of psychogeophysics, colliding psychogeographics with earth science measurements and study.

Practical workshops will include the building of simple geophysical measurement devices from scrap materials, re-purposing common devices for earth science measurement, data forensics, emotion mapping, DIY substrate analysis, scrying, thoughtographic process, and amateur radio astronomy amongst related psychogeophysical investigation and experiment. A program of fieldtrips, London walks and river journeys will activate and explore techniques and equipment constructed during the workshops. Research will be presented during a one day public event on the final day of the summit.

Potential participants are invited to join six days of workshops, walks, and interventions at SPACE in Hackney, HTTP gallery and the wider London area. No specialist experience is required.

Please send a short statement of interest to j {AT} psychogeophysics.org by midnight 25 July.

Total cost: £40 (six days including food).
Some materials also included.

Unfortunately we cannot cover travel/accommodation expenses, but welcome international participants.

further information:




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