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[rohrpost] =?X-UNKNOWN?Q?FILTH_Geov=E1_Rodriguez_performs_critique?=

it\'s the full storyboard of tomorrow\'s video@LES_GLC_NYC@tracert.to]
     208AveB, between 12&13th street, nyc
it\'s as OPEN CONTENT as [www.tracert.to]
     G R E A T  L U X U R I A N  C A R S|remark|FILTH

it\'s amazing!
it\'s gorgious!
it\'s exhilarating!
it\'s vigorous!
it\'s luminous!
it\'s hilarious!
it\'s great!
it\'s exhausting!
it\'s unbelievable!
it\'s crazy!
it\'s unimaginable!
it\'s incredible!
it\'s awsome!
it\'s fantastic!
it\'s eruptive!
it\'s impressive!
it\'s marvellous!
it\'s terriffic!
it\'s narrative!
it\'s overwhelming!
it\'s powerful!
it\'s predictive!
it\'s pollutive!
it\'s cute!
it\'s qualitive!
it\'s ridicolous!
it\'s ruling!
it\'s reigning!
it\'s charming!
it\'s raging!
it\'s special!
it\'s wonderful!
it\'s fabulous!
it\'s exciting!
it\'s straight!
it\'s freaky!
it\'s entertaining!
it\'s funny!
it\'s right!
it\'s popular!
it\'s extensive!
it\'s brilliant!
it\'s inspiring!
it\'s phranatic!
it\'s charged!
it\'s dynamic!
it\'s multifaceted!
it\'s deep!
it\'s interesting!
it\'s disturbing!
it\'s socially-conscious!
it\'s contemparary!
it\'s luscious!
it\'s lustrous!
it\'s outstanding!
it\'s neat!
it\'s fresh!
it\'s respectable!
it\'s lovely!
it\'s extraordinary!
it\'s resplendent!
it\'s intense!
it\'s intelligent!
it\'s magnificant!
it\'s reviving!
it\'s twisted!
it\'s post-modern!
it\'s absurd!
it\'s stylish!
it\'s revealing!
it\'s enlightening!
it\'s cohesive!
it\'s intuitive!
it\'s pathbreaking!
it\'s fancy!
it\'s astonishing!
it\'s perspicacious!
it\'s magnetic!
it\'s prophetic!
it\'s prolific!
it\'s fertile!
it\'s obtuse!
it\'s obtrusive!
it\'s astute!
it\'s astounding!

jirkapfahl ©2001 [www.tracert.to]

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