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23.7.2001 21 uhr
u-bahn schlesisches tor

D'ailleurs, Derrida
ein dokumetarfilm über Jacques Derrida
von Safaa Fathy.
deutschsprachige version

englische beschreibung des films:
An exploration of the man and his ideas, D'ailleurs, Derrida investigates the parallels between Derrida's personal life and work. The film follows Derrida in his home and office, in the classroom, and on his travels as he speaks of the sufferings, challenges, and questions that have conditioned his thought since his childhood in Algeria. The film is woven around readings from his book Circumfession, evoking a number of seemingly disparate themes, including hospitality, religion, sexuality and the place of the subject in philosophy. Derrida shows us the common thread he perceives running through all of these: responsibility. Incorporating related imagery, D'ailleurs, Derrida includes footage of places Derrida knew in his childhood and adolescence in Algeria, photos of his early life, super-8 footage from the 1960's and 1970's, scenes shot at UCI and in Laguna Beach, and a sequence in Toledo, Spain.

zum film passt das lange interview, das derrida mit cahiers de cinema im april über kino, die shoah + auch 'd'ailleurs derrida' führte
rohübersetzung auf


Midnight. Genova.
After two days of brutal repression the police are surrounding the Indymedia place, in Genova.
Journalists, activists are threatened of arrest and beatings.
Please, circulate.this news

Please, Protest against the fascist violence that has been launched by the Berlusconi government against the global movement.
Please take action against G8

franco berardi bifo

text von antonio negri/michael hardt GENOA . what the protesters want