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[rohrpost] IMC in Genua von der Polizei gestuermt

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es werden immer mehr schreckliche details zur naechtlichen aktion in genua



Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:40:44 -0400
From: Declan McCullagh <>
Subject: Italian police raid Genoa online journalist collective

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from: Declan McCullagh <>
subject: FC: Italian police raid Genoa online journalist collective
date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:27:58 -0400

It's unclear what happened, but preliminary reports out of Genoa say that 
police armed with guns and search warrants raided "the headquarters of the 
umbrella group behind anti-capitalist riots against the Group of Eight 
summit" on Saturday evening.

That apparently included the Independent Media Center, which was either
a target of the raid or swept up in it (the focus seems to have been on
"Genoa Social Forum," and they may have shared the same building). Often 
IMC reporters are activists who take part in street actions, though IMC 
organizers try to discourage this by advising reporters to hide their
pass when that happens.

One sketchy AFP report, which alludes to a "brutal" raid:
And what appears to be a reproduced Reuters article:

IMC reports saying police entered the newsroom: article from four days ago saying car bomb and letter bomb early 
this week put cops on high alert:

Politech archive on Seattle IMC tussle with FBI over web logs:



date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 18:39:56 -0400 (EDT)
from: imc-news <>
to: Declan McCullagh <>
subject: RIGHT NOW Police Raiding IMC in Genova

Hey this is a story you might like to cover. Cops in Genova are currently
in the process of raiding and conviscating computers, disks, tapes, and
harrassing people at the Indymedia Center in Genova right now.

The web radio station, is still live with reports of the
cops in teh center and some people are still online explaining what is
happening over irc.

Here's some of logs from the irc:
<arthur> update 23:17 GMT July 21: Police have apparently entered the
Radio Gap studios, reports have come in that police are searching people
inside of the IMC-center. A cell phone report indicates that people have
been split into two groups inside the IMC and are being agressive. We have
conflicting reports as to what is actually transpiring. Those inside the
center are requesting that people contact media and governments to
dennounce the activities
<arthur> ly what is taking place right now because tense situation.


There are also 5 European MP's on site who are denouncing the action as

in solidarity,

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From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: Udate re: violence in Genoa/ Police Raid GSF, IMC other groups
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 15:11:23 +1000

from: "Dan Merkle" <>
sent: Sunday, July 22, 2001 1:09 PM
subject: Udate re: violence in Genoa/ Police Raid GSF, IMC other groups

Police Raid GSF, IMC other groups
by el pato 2:53am Sun Jul 22 '01

At half past twelve, police raided the media building which housed the
Genoa Social Forum, the Independent Media Center, legal and medical
groups. At half past twelve, the police raided the Media Center in Genoa
which contains the Indy Media Center, Legal Support, and Medical teams.

At first the police attempted to enter on the ground floor, but the doors
were quickly barricaded against them.

Many activists, journalists and others outside were beaten by
police. There
were dozens of injuries. Before long police were in the building and
entered the third floor where indymedia is located.

IMC journalists stood with hands against the walls of the halls. Police
gathered all journalists, and then searched the rooms. The confiscated
discs, a digital camera, and other materials, like gas masks and swiss

Soon after, an official of some sort of officials (a woman) arrived and
told police to leave. The police left this building and went out side
police vans and riot police were parked.

There were a number of representatives of official press in the building,
and they documented much of these events. The Genoa Social Forum gathered
to hold a news conference, and went out to the street to meet with more

 From the window, we could see riot police try to take GSF people behind
police lines, but there was much resistance. For the next one and a half
hours, police beat many people, and there is blood visable in many places.

At the school across from this building, it is reported that police
around the same time they came here. Activists who were staying there were
lined up against the wall, and reportedly beaten. Witnesses report blood
all over the halls of this building.

It is now 2:55 am, and police have left the area. People are milling about
in the street and both buildings, shocked at what has happened.

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From: florian schneider <>
To: "" <>
Subject: [Nettime-bold] imc genoa being attacked by police

Von: Anna <>


you probably have an idea by now of what's happened here in genoa. it's
10 am in the morning now, and we try to get an overview of how many
people were actually arrested and how many are hurt. there are a lot of
very serious injuries, and, as always, people were arrested out of the
hospital. i won't repeat the whole thing here now - have a look at the
indymedia websites.

so far we have no clue why this happened, other then that you can get
reactions if you start annoying the authorities.

i'd like to ask everyone to raise awareness, contact italian embassies
to make them know people are watching, contact your foreign offices to
ask them to make their embassies here italy make sure the arrested get
out of there soon and the injured get treated properly.

it seems some of the embassies say that they don't know about people of
their respective nationalities being arrested and/or hurt. the media
start reporting that we apparently smashed a police station either
before or after their attack which is a lie. also they report about very
few or no arrestes and injuries which also is a lie.

i'll probably write more later, but then you can find a lot on the web.
we're in a state of shock as you can probably imagine.

contact us if you have questions. we'll be here today but might have to
clear out of the building later.


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